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More film, more impact.

Creative production company with a unique setup.

All your film-making needs.

We specialize in creating engaging communication, developing campaigns, crafting films, media, and animations in long-lasting partnerships. Our mission is to strengthen our clients’ brands and produce real results.

BAUHAUS – Nordic Campaign

When limited in life, find ways to relieve pressure. Peter Stormare & Kristofer Hivju during Covid

BAUHAUS 12+ years partnership

Prolounge delivers high-quality work that drives results. Johan Saxne, Head of Marketing



Pilot – European campaign

Big things start with a pilot The premier pen manufacturer globally

Watch more of our work at Vimeo:

All your production needs in one place.

Every aspect of film and communication is carefully crafted in-house to meet the highest standards of quality.

Film production

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360 degrees of filmmaking


With a dynamic team of experienced professionals, we specialize in creating captivating commercials, brand videos, infomercials, and more. Our workflow spans the full 360 degrees of filmmaking: from pre-production through to post-production.

Prolounge owns a fully equipped film studio and have the capacity to shoot on location both in Sweden and internationally.

  • Key resources in-house.
  • Large film studio.
  • Mobile with agile film professionals.
  • Complete post-production.
  • Dedicated client resources.

Personalized data-driven video

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Personalized data-driven video

Send each of your customers their own personalized video using state-of-the-art technology.

We create customized videos by leveraging your CRM data, including customer location, names, and preferred stores. These personalized videos are crafted effortlessly in the cloud and are automatically delivered to each customer in real-time, efficiently at scale.

Get in touch now to learn more about this innovative technology!

  • 3X Higher conversions
  • 5X Time spent with brand
  • 7X Higher engagement
  • Suitable for Retail, Finance, Health, loyalty programs, fundraising, political parties and more…

Animation & A.I.

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Bring your ideas to life

2D / 3D / A.I.

Full range of animation services, from hand-drawn illustrations, stylistic 2D animation, to advanced 3D animation and prompted A.I. art using cutting edge technology.

Whether it’s for commercials or informative videos, our skilled team can assist with script writing, storyboarding, design, animation, and final editing of films.

Let us bring your ideas to life through the magic of animation.

  • Wide range of animation styles.
  • Computer generated graphics & hand-drawn art.
  • Prompted A.I. visuals.
  • Key resources in-house.
  • Script writing.
  • Editing and post-production.

Creative ideas & concepts

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From scripts to advertising concepts

Creative ideas & concepts

Through a collaborative process of brief analysis, comprehensive research, and conceptualization, we generate innovative ideas for advertising campaigns and film projects.

Moreover we go beyond film by providing additional takeouts for print, digital, PR and various other platforms where you engage with your audience.

  • Omni-channel communication concepts.
  • Compelling film scripts.
  • Film strategies.
  • Takeouts for other platforms.
Still photography

Still photography

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Capture the perfect moments


Capture the perfect moments alongside your film productions with our still photography services.

Whether on location or in the studio, we offer commercial and editorial photography that seamlessly integrates into the film production process.

  • Packshots
  • Concept shots
  • Portraits and editorial
  • In sync with the film production

Audio production

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Make your brand heard


Streamlined audio production seamlessly integrated with your film project and communication concept. We make your brand heard!

  • Voiceover and branding.
  • Original music composition.
  • Audio advertising and more.

Now seeking 3 motivated clients who want to up their impact.

We maintain enduring partnerships with a limited number of clients. Do you believe we’re a good match?

Get 30% more without compromising on quality.

Through an innovative era of creative multitaskers who switch hats according to the task, we get more out of the production budget without compromising on quality.

We call it the Hat System™.

3D Artist


Casting Director

Chief Executive Officer


Client Director


Costume & Styling

Creative Director



Drone Operator


First Assistant Director



Mood Manager (Craft)

Motion Graphics Artist

New Business Manager


Production Manager

Props maker


Script Writer

Sound Designer

Sound Engineer

Still Photographer

Technology Developer

Visual Effects Artist

Members of the team
Hats in the system
Films crafted anually

Meet the team
With many hats.

A dynamic group of multitalented artists.

Contact our people.

creative agency manager
Niclas, CEO (New Business Contact) +46733250050
Johan R, Client Director +46708679207
Commerical film producer
Hanna, Producer +46703535656
film producer
Oscar, Producer +46735897179
Lovisa, Producer +46738142185
film agency
Linda, Coordinator +46705353555
film director
Martin, Director +46708898866
advertising film director
Anders, Director +46702878951
David, Director +46737216219
film agency
Wäne, Agency Manager +46702196444
Edvin, Creative +46735065461
Anton, Creative +46764028800
Johan, Creative +46739527997

Where we lay our hats:

Västerås Sigurdsgatan 8 Studio – Production office – Postproduction
Stockholm Söder Mälarstrand 65 Office – Project Management – Ideation


Since you’ve scrolled this far you might as well get the long text about us.

Once upon a time there were three guys who loved film. They loved film so much that they decided to start a company together. A company that (as you might have guessed) would make films. PROLOUNGE was born – in the small town of Västerås, SWEDEN.

As it often happens when you’re truly passionate about something it went well. It didn’t take long before they had a range of clients and could truly call themselves a production company. But as important as producing great stuff was having a good relationship with their clients was equally important. Whether IT was big or small clientS THAT wanted commercials or corporate films.

This also meant that they put great emphasis on developing a smooth workflow. For those who came into contact with ProLounge, it meant having few contact persons, great flexibility, and of course excellent films.

The clients who visited also noticed the unique art adorning the walls of their office. Row after row of hats in various shapes and designs. If you asked one of the ProLoungers, you would find out that it was a way to illustrate the employees’ expertise. For each specific expertise they were assigned a hat. Since several people had expertise in different areas, one person could have multiple hats. They simply switched to the hat that best suited the occasion.

The team called this the Hat System And the clients cheered because it was MUCH MORE cost-effective for them. As they say, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” or in this case, “The fewer directors, the better the film.”

From humble beginnings in Västerås, Prolounge’s growth is a testament to their commitment AND PASSION, and the strong relationships they have forged with clients. Today THE TEAM still loves film just as much as THEY did IN THE BEGINNING AND HAS PRODUCED OVER 3 000 FILMS FOR CLIENTS ALL OVER SWEDEN AND INTERNATIONALLY. You can see part of the results here ABOVE. PROLOUNGE WILL be happy to show you the rest when YOU meet.